Yaran e watan

Pakistan’s national health services have launched yarane watan portal for Pakistani Diaspora, the medical doctors working at the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic around the globe. yaran e watan is an Urdu Language’s word which means friends of Pakistan.

These Pakistani doctors around the globe are requested to register their services on yaran e watan portal in order to provide their services in telemedicine, tele-training, and research.

Through yaran e watan portal Pakistani health professionals who are working abroad may volunteer their services in need during the fight against COVID-19 and it’s a much-needed initiative of Government and it will help boost Government’s efforts to fight against COVID-19 through the yaran e watan portal and expertise of foreign doctors will add more valuable solutions while brains from around the world will collaborate.

The government of Pakistan’s initiative of yaran e watan is a much-praised initiative from the Public of Pakistan and Diaspora of Pakistan. It’s said that Pakistani health professionals living in different countries especially from developed countries and where this pandemic has affected more, the expertise of these health professionals through yaran e watan will be much valuable and help control COVID-19.

These doctors may, not only assist in telemedicine or training but also can send expert advice which could be helpful in many ways in the prevention and control of pandemic.

Through the use of the latest technologies, Pakistan may best perform in handling COVID-19.

Overseas Pakistani doctors may register with yaran e watan portal by following below link;


Tele health portal

On the other hand, local Pakistani doctors may volunteer themselves by registering their services on the telehealth portal told by doctor Zafar Mirza in his tweet a few hours ago.

Through the telehealth portal, Pakistani doctors may register using either their Facebook id or Google account.

The telehealth portal may be expanded for patients who are seeking tele -advice or telemedicine during the pandemic.

In Telehealth portal doctors may register through the following link;


Although the majority of doctors are already fighting from frontline against the covid-19 fight but many private doctors may contribute their share towards the country’s difficult time by providing their services through the telehealth portal.

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