Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan citizen portal ( PCP ) is an app and web-based portal for the citizens of Pakistan to register their complaints online against any department of Pakistan. Pakistan citizen portal initiative was taken by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to facilitate the citizen of Pakistan so that they may get their issues resolved with a few taps sitting in their homes. Pakistan citizen Portal was launched in years 2018 when PTI Government came into power and with their vision of digitalization they launched the portal and now millions of users have got registered and millions of complaints have been registered and millions of complaints have been resolved.

Till 21st October 2020 3 million users have been registered with the citizen portal and 2.6 million complaints have been registered on the portal while 2.4 million complaints were resolved of which 591000 showed positive feedback on the Pakistan citizen portal.

Citizen portal Pakistan

Citizen portal Pakistan works as;

When a complaint is registered citizen portal of Pakistan it is assigned to head of the relevant department by the system itself and it reaches step by step to the relevant officer and the relevant officer will have to satisfy the citizen by resolving his/her complaint and have to submit a reply to a higher authority on citizen portal accordingly.

If the citizen is not satisfied he/she may provide negative feedback and complaint may be opened again by the Pakistan performance delivery unit ( PMDU ). PMDU works under the Prime minister directly and they provide feedback, data, stats to the Prime minister about citizen portal Pakistan.

If a user doesn’t know where to send or to which department he needs to assign the complaint then he may assign his/her complaint to the Human resource department and they will send a complaint to the relevant department.

Pakistan Citizen Portal website

With the growing need of people, PMDU has introduced a web version of the Pakistan citizen Portal. The link to the Pakistan citizen portal website is as follow;

To register a complaint on the Pakistan citizen portal website first you will have to register, by clicking on the tab of registration you will have 3 options;

1: Inland citizen

2: Overseas Pakistani

3: Foreigner

If you are a Pakistani national living in Pakistan choose the first option on the Pakistan citizen portal’s website or second if you are a Pakistani national but living a foreign country or choose 3rd option if you are not a Pakistani national.

Provid required details and get registered.

How to register on Pakistan citizen portal.

For inland citizens to register on the Pakistan citizen portal website they need the following details;

  1. Mobile phone number
  2. Full name
  3. CNIC
  4. choose username
  5. enter email address
  6. choose password
  7. choose gender
  8. Enter date of Birth
  9. Enter province
  10. Enter district
  11. Enter Tehsil
  12. Provide full address.
Pakistan citizen portal registration
Pakistan Citizen Portal 3

Fulfilling above details on Pakistan citizen portal website fill Captcha  and hit register button.

Pakistan citizen Portal Login

After registration on citizen portal you may login by providing following details;

By filling CNIC or Passport number or username and Chosen password.

Pakistan Citizen portal login
Pakistan Citizen Portal 4

Pakistan Citizen Portal Complaint

After logged in you may register complaint by following given details;

  1. Click on the + button on the right bottom corner
  2. Choose a department to complain against
  3. By choosing the relevant department and its subunits at the end you will have to enter your contact details, here you may choose an officer of your interest too. Provide a live location. Provide relevant documents and submit your application.

Pakistan citizen portal app

Pakistan citizen portal app was introduced before the web version and app of Pakistan citizen portal have both the versions for android and ios.

Pakistan citizen portal app android version;

Pakistan citizen portal app ios version

Pakistan Citizen portal contact number

To further expand the services of Pakistan citizen portal PMDU has introduced the contact number for Pakistan citizen portal.

The contact number for Pakistan citizen portal is;


How long it Takes to resolve a complaint on Pakistan citizen portal

The maximum time to resolve a complaint is 27 days but it may be resolved before the given time and if a complaint goes partially resolved it may take a year to reopen. If a complaint is dropped by any officer it may be reopened by the complainant.

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