Tiktok unbanned in Pakistan

Today’s age is the age of social media there are around 3.81 social media users around the globe. Social media provides people to interact with each other especially friends and family and some get to know their life partners on social media. Social media is also a source of news and updates.  Taking this opportunity of so many users of social media brands also made their place on it. The same is the case with the security institutions of different countries. It was a time that institutions need to go there in a specific country or keep informers but in the age of social media they don’t need to go and spy in a country but they may collect information through social media. Nowadays wars are not fought in battlegrounds but now it’s a war of information which is called the 5th generation war. Keeping in view many countries have shown concerns about the information and data shared on social media by their nationals.

This is why many countries didn’t allow social media giants in their countries especially Facebook, they had a concern that their national security might be at risk if their people use social media. Many countries are regulating social media. A recent example is that India has banned Tiktok in their country and the U.S. also has shown the likelihood to ban Tiktok. Tiktok in India and the U.S. is under pressure because this app was developed by the Chinese and they consider it a security risk. However, Tiktok made it clear that their server is in the U.S. and the backup server is in Hongkong.

Pakistan also has been making policies to control uncontrolled social media. Pakistan has passed a law that every social media which will have users more than 2 million will have to shift their server in Pakistan and it will be regulated according to rules and regulations which are developed for national security. This is why Facebook started sharing the data with FIA Pakistan.

Keeping in view the national security and Government’s own interest Tiktok was banned in Pakistan on the 9th of October 2020. This ban imposed due to concerns by the Government. Then Tiktok agreed with the government to fulfill the rules and regulations of the Government of Pakistan. So, on 19th October 2020, Tiktok was unbanned.

It’s to inform readers that Tiktok alone has 20 million users a month in Pakistan which is a very big user base and it is increasing day by day that is why the Government of Pakistan wants to sensor the content which is against the law.

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