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Corona Relief Tiger Online Registration form and Applying Method

What is Corona relief tiger

A corona relief tiger or CRT is a register member with some speciality or assigned duties for prevention of corona or corona relief.

What duties a corona relief tiger or CRT performs

A CRT could perform which may help in relief of corona patients like who are in isolation or quarantine. A CRT or Corona relief tiger may deliver ration to different destinations where there is lockdown or curfew. In areas where corona affected people are living they may support by giving them first aid or first medical aid. Further they may raise awareness against coronavirus or may help affected people to get proper care in quarantine or isolation.

This awareness may be general or specific depending on need of the area.

Under whom CRT or Corona relief tiger may work

Corona relief tigers team will work under supervision of the assistant commissioner of every tehsil and they will be assigned duties according to need and situation.

Who can register for Corona relief tiger

Any Pakistani citizen may register as CRT who want help in this trying period. There is no gender discrimination and every one may perform his/her duties according to the skills he/she have.

How to register as corona relief tiger

To register as CRT you will need need to install the Pakistan citizen portal or pcp app from play store as an android user. iPhone user may also install that app and get register simply creating account with Pakistan citizen portal. Those who already are registered member just update the app to the latest version.

After registeration you need to login to PCP by entering the credentials while registering.

Once you have logged in into PCP just follow these two below given simple steps.

1: Click on the red plus button on the right bottom corner of the app. There you will see two options, one register a new complaint and another new option ” become a corona relief tiger ” click this option and new page of registration will open, there click the register option and then there you will see a new form is opened.

Pakistan citizen portal main interface
crt registration form
personal details in crt form

once you have filled out all above option in the form then click next and next form will be opened and there you will enter the details like province, district, tehsil, qualification and profession.

corona relief tiger force registration form step 2
Final step of crt registration

Fill out the all option in the above given forms and at the end submit press the submit button and your application for corona relief tiger will be submitted. The authorities will contact you soon.

For further details watch the video.

Note: there is no other method for registration to register for CRT else than Pakistan Citizen Portal.