COVID-19 Community mobility report Pakistan

As being a largest internet company Google releases a community mobility reports for many countries. From the day many health professionals and other stacks were looking towards Google to generate such kind of report which could help track COVID-19 spread.

As Google location feature maps the journey of the user while travelling to amongst different areas. So, it was easy and helpful for Google to generate report of community mobility to which could be helpful in certain ways.

However there are many lacks in reports i.e. this is not 100% accurate data but it’s most likely that it will help understand the mobility of the communities. In urban areas report may be accurate but in rural areas where locations are not highlighted, might not be accurate to the full degree.

Google yet have missed some countries to generate COVID-19 community reports but they intend to include whole world in their reporting of mobility amongst the communities soon for tracking down or finding out some insights from such mobility reports to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in respective countries.

These COVID-19 community mobility reports would be helpful for authorities to track the movements of their people amongst different locations. Once authorities understood the movement of communities amongst different areas mentioned in COVID-19 Google community mobility report they can sort out how to reduce the movements of socializing of people, this could helpful in creating social distancing also.

This report was generated on 02 April 2020 and made public on 03 April 2020.

You may download and read guidelines from below given link;

Communities Covered in COVID-19 Google community mobility report

In COVID-19 community mobility reports, three kinds of places have been covered which are most likely to be the cause of socializing but Google could create a report of movements amongst cities and on of travel on roads which could help more about movements of the public.

  • Retail and Recreation
  • Grocery and Pharmacy
  • Public Parks

COVID-19 Community mobility report Pakistan

Retail and recreation-shopping centers and amusement centers


Grocery and Pharmacy- medical stores and Food shops


Parks-Public Gardens


community mobility report pakistan for retail & recreation, grocery & pharmacy and Public Parks to understand the movements of community from baseline.
COVID-19 Community mobility report Pakistan 2

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