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Taleem Ghar cable TV.

The government of Punjab Pakistan has initiated a cable tv channel to facilitate the lower class children following the pattern of the elearn punjab app.

Taleem ghar cable channel initiative is taken by the Government of Punjab with help of Punjab school department. So, that during the vacation period started from March till 31 May our students are not left without education. However Government is considering this vacation period as summer vacation but our Government is so responsible, especially in the field of education that they have started a taleem ghar cable channel. The government does not want our children left without education or their time is wasted without taking education.

Our universities have already taken steps by delivering lectures through LMS or youtube so following the example school education department has also taken the initiative to launch the taleem ghar cable tv channel.

From the Taleem ghar cable tv most of our students will be benefited, even the most far off locations where there is no internet our children can get the education sitting at their home.

Taleem Ghar Cable TV education grades

Children from Grade one to grade eight will benefit from taleem ghar cable tv. Now it’s the responsibility of the parents that they make children take the lectures. Where there are no cable parents may arrange dish tv to facilitate the education of their children.

It’s also the responsibility of the teachers to encourage the parents to make their children or equip them with the requirements of education through the tv.

Teachers may play their role in awareness to parents in the process of education through taleem ghar cable tv.

Hours of Taleem ghar Cable TV

Hours of broadcasting lectures through taleem ghar cable tv are from 9 am to 2 pm. Specific hours for a specific grade will be announced later.  A single class’ student will not need to site all hours of taleem ghar cable tv channel but there would be a specific time for a specific grade. It’s also my guess that not every subject will be taught but most important or difficult subjects will be taught through taleem ghar cable TV.

Taleem Ghar website

Besides Taleem Ghar cable TV Government has also launched the website so that students may watch their respective missed lectures on their own timings. It’s a great initiative by the Punjab school education department so that no child left without taking a lecture video.

Link to taleem ghar website is;


Taleem ghar youtube Channel

Besides all the above-mentioned methods Punjab school education department has also created a taleem ghar youtube channel. On Taleem ghar youtube Channel grade-wise videos will be uploaded regularly. If a student misses any of Taleem ghar cable TV or Taleem ghar website he may watch videos through youtube. It’s also very important for parents to take care of their children while watching youtube they go out of the way but I’d suggest that parents download videos and ask children to watch offline. It’s also benefit of youtube taleem ghar channel that parents going to areas where they may access the internet download all videos and keep saved and can watch later when at home where there is no proper internet.

Link to taleem ghar youtube channel is;


According to taleem ghar website an android app for taleem ghar tv channel is coming soon to further facilitate the students.