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How to get Insaf Imdad

Government is distributing rupees 12000 to each who were on daily wages and can’t get labor during the lockdown, this project is called insaf imdad.

How to get insaf imdad

There are three ways to get insaf imdad

Insaf imdad SMS

Insaf Imdad App

Insaf Imdad Website

1.One by sending sms to 8070 in simple format from your mobile.

The procedure is to write Imdad space cnic with dashes space your full name

For example:

Imdad 31105-4243051-1 Ali Imran and send this message to 8070. as shown in below image.

how to get insaf idad

Here you need to know one thing that you will not get any confirmation sms in return.

2. Insaf app

Down load the insaf app from play store and there you will see a simple interface asking name, cnice, mobile number etc. Fill out those fields and consent to the terms and conditions and submit application through insaf app.

Below is the link to insaf imdad app.


Who can not get insaf imad

  1. people having any land
  2. employ of any Government or semi Government institution
  3. Utility bills more than 10000 per month
  4. The beneficiary of any other welfare institution.
  5. Owner of any vehicle like car, motor cycle, rickshaw, etc.

Video tutorial for insaf imdad app;

3. Website online application for insaf imdad

On insaf imdad website portal they will ask you only your full name, CNIC and mobile number.

insaf imdad website portal

The link to insaf imdad website is;


Fake new about insaf imdad

There is a form circulating in WhatsApp groups people claiming that insaf imdad could be got by filling out that form and submitting to authorities but that is not true that is a fake form. Only three above-mentioned methods are valid for application for insaf imdad.

Below is the fake form of insaf imdad application.

fake form for insaf imdad application form.