Sugar and wheat crisis report made public

Pakistan has been facing wheat and sugar crises in history but within PTI Government wheat shortage started from December 2019 and flour prices risen up to 2400 per 40 kg. The same example was followed in case of sugar and sugar shortage started from January 2020.

In an agricultural country where wheat and sugar are produced locally in abundance, it was a question of why Wheat and sugar crisis started. Now PTI Government was questioned and criticized for the crisis of wheat and sugar.

Many amongst the public and opposition were blaming that many people who are PTI’s frontline members are involved in these crises of wheat and sugar.

However, the Government was trying its best to overcome these crises by timely supply of sugar and wheat but these crises worsened.

Taking this as an opportunity, the opposition started maligning Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party as usually done by any opposition. They gave a few names which were close to the prime minister and one of them was a very active member of PTI and he was thought to be the main player in the crisis of sugar.

So, In this report among other names, the name of Jahagir khan tareen was mentioned as a player who is one of the most closest PTI friend.

Actually this is done through a planned strategy that sugar and wheat are stored and as the demand rises they cut supply to earn more profit.

So, Prime minister Imran khan set an inquiry committee whose task was to probe real problems that why these crises were made even production of wheat and sugarcane was sufficient.

On this committee again, the opposition and media started crying again that this report will never go public as main players of crisis are close friends to PTI Government but Prime minister, as usual, fulfilled his promise and made this report public on the Government’s website of Director of electronic media and publication.

you may download those reports about the crisis of wheat and sugar in Pakistan through these links;

Sugar inquiry committee main report

Wheat crisis inquiry committee report

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