Wheat support price increased for the year 2021

On Monday 26 October 2020 wheat support price was fixed by Economic Coordination Committee at a rate of 1600 per 40kg. This is ever highest price fixed by any Government. The Wheat support price of 1600 per 40 kg will support farmers and will also help in more production of the wheat.

Wheat support price was kept 1300 per 40 kg for many years in previous governments that is why the production of wheat didn’t meet the need of the country so now this government increased the price at the highest level ever where farmers will have greater support and this wheat support price of 1600 per 40kg will encourage farmers to sow more wheat that will increase production and will have no shortage in coming years.

In the year 2020, the wheat flour reached the highest price in the market and the government had to import the wheat even though Pakistan is an agricultural country. Now, this new wheat support price for the year 2021 is fixed at 1600 so that farmers sow more wheat crops that would meet the needs of the country.

previously the wheat support prices didn’t meet the expectations of the farmers and farmers started sowing other crops which could yield farmers more in terms of finance.

Wheat prices for years by year

2018 wheat support price was 1300

2019 wheat support price increased 50 rupees and it fixed at 1350 rupees

2020 wheat support price increased 50 more and fixed at 1400 rupees

Now for years 2021 wheat support price is kept at 1600 rupees.

There are many other factors that affect wheat production. The main factor in very low technological advancements in agriculture. We have very little research and development in the area of agriculture as compare to many other countries.

Now government is investing in agriculture which is backbone of our economy.

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