Chota Karobar Imdadi package

The economic coordination committee ( ECC ) under the ministry of industrial production has announced Chhota karobar imdadi package ( Small business financial aid ).  From Chhota karobar imdadi package or small business financial aid, almost 3.5 Million small businesses will benefit.

Minister of industrial production Pakistan Hammad Azhar told that small business will be given relief package in their power bills for three months. It’s told in his press conference that due to COVID-19 small business is being closed and for this purpose, ECC has announced a relief package for chota karobar or small business.


For this purpose, small businesses having monthly electricity bills up to 5kw will benefit or industries that have monthly electricity bills up to 70kw will get relief. The Minister of industrial production further explained that electricity bills will be relaxed for three months from May 2020 to July 2020.

A mechanism is defined that bills will be evaluated on the basis of previous years May, June and July electricity bills and will be paid into accounts of small business and this chota karobar imdadi package will be valid for up to 6 months from May 2020 and this relaxation can be availed at any time during this period of six months.

Minister has told in his Tweet that from chhota karobar 95% commercial meters and 80% of small industrial connections from all around the country will benefit.

From Chota karobar imdadi package 35 lac small business owners will benefit. Minister of industrial production Hammad Azhar during his press conference about chhota karobar imdadi package also told that they are going to distribute 70 Billion PKR for labors who’s labour is affected during the   COVID-19 pandemic in-country due to lockdown. 12000 PKR will be given to each person from those laborers who previously couldn’t get from ehsass emergency cash and they will be filtered from ehsaas emergency cash program.  Hammad Azhar has said that they are going to develop an online portal for registration of laborers or daily wagers after the approval from the cabinet.

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