Balance lock codes of all networks

Balance lock code is a code that enables users’ balance to be not consumed even their internet connection is on. It means that if a user locks his/her balance by dialing a specific balance lock code according to his/her network his balance will not be consumed even his/her MB data has consumed. The balance of the user will remain safe during the connectivity of data connection even the Mb data is consumed.

Before the introduction of the balance lock codes, all balance was consumed when MB data was not there in users’ packages. There are certain charges on MB data consumption when there is no data package active on the SIM of the user. Normally cellular companies charge a higher rate without a data package, it is mostly from 2 rupees to 5 rupees per MB depending on the service user is using.

Many users seemed to complain that their all balance is consumed after their internet MB were either expired or consumed.

With the passage of time, many companies like jazz, zong, and other same companies introduced a way for ease of users that they sent a message before expiration of package one day before expiration or a few hours before expiration.

The same cellular companies also introduced another way that they started sending an alert SMS if a user was using data without a package. But in most cases, these SMS reached late or didn’t reach or there was any other interruption of the network. So this was also in vain for users.

So for the first-time zong introduced a balance lock code to lock the balance. This balance lock code makes balance secure and didn’t let it consume even the data connection is on. In this way, the balance of the users remained safe.

So following the Zong example, other cellular companies also introduced the balance lock codes to facilitate their users.

Here is a list balance lock codes for every company.

Jazz balance lock code


Jazz balance unlock code


Zong Balance lock code


Telenor balance lock code


Ufone balance lock code


Warid Balance lock code


if warid balance lock code doesn’t work then try the jazz balance lock code on warid number.

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