A backlink is a link to our website from any other site i.e. we may say that backlinks are created for our website or webpage on other relevant sites, these backlinks point towards our site. Back links are considered a major ranking factor for a website. The quantity and quality of the backlinks play a vital role on domain authority or PR ( public relation ) of a website.

A domain authority is ranking of a website and it’s measured on scale from 1 to 100. High domain authority like google, facbook, twitter etc have score one on domain authority scale and search engines determine this from many factors like on page , off page  and technical seo and backlinks are considered to have primary role in boosting a ranking of a webiste.

In other words we may say that backlinks are determines relationship of a website with other website so that is why we keep in mind relevancy of the website on which we are going to post our backlinks.

The other factor is that we must keep in mind the domain authority of the website where we have to post our backlinks as we know that ”man is known by a company he keeps”. So, we may say that if we post backlinks on higher ranked websites it will have more affect on our website’s ranking as compared to lower domain authority websites.

We may determine the domain authority of the website from several online tools of our choice but I’d recommend ahref, it will not only tell us the authority of the domain but will also provide us other data about a website i.e where it have its own backlinks.

While posting backlinks we must also keep in mind that we are posting on websites which allow do follow links. Do follow website links are those links which allow other websites’ links to be followed. If we post no follow backlinks it will have no affect for our website.

I’d also recommend that avoid such websites which allow backlinks but are scams or spams. This will adversely affect our ranking and may harm our website.

Many people go after cheaper and easy ways to create backlinks i.e paying to someone on any online platform who claim they will post backlinks. This may be a short cut but in a long run it may ruin our website.

types of backlings:

common types of backlings are guest posting,directory submission websites, editorials, free tools like blogs, forums etc.

Watch video ( Urdu language) for further understanding of backlinks.

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