LSI stands for the latent semantic index. LSI is mostly confused with synonyms but it’s not a synonym. For example, the synonym of a mobile phone is a cell phone but LSI is not the same. LSI words for mobile phone is Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

The latent semantic index tells a Google bot that what this article is about. In other words, when we are writing an article on our website we often use keywords that are used in many senses like breeze in common sense is a cool wind that blows early morning but the breeze is also an online shop of kids clothing in Pakistan. So when we will have to write an article on breeze shop we will have to provide such Latent semantic index words that could specify the features of the shop. We will not use synonym sail but for breeze shop, we will use LSI words online clothing shop, online store, kids cloth, etc.

It’s so easy to get LSI words just type your query ” LSI words ” in Google search engine and it will provide you search results of websites from where you may get Latent semantic index words of your keyword.

LSI keywords are used in Seo which could be helpful in on-page SEO.

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