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Islamic teachings about pandemic like coronavirus

Islam is a beautiful religion and it has teachings in every walk of life. Now when coronavirus pandemic has spread worldwide Muslims are in discussions that what Islam teaches about such conditions or trials like coronavirus pandemic.

I’ll not go beyond the Quran and Hadith ( sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH ) what I think is the authentic source and another authentic source after Quran and Hadith are the actions of companions of Prophet PBUH.


Allah says in the Quran; seek help from prayer and patience.


Rasool ( SAW) said that first tie your camel and then rely upon God.

It means we should not first take precautions and then ask God for help. In any trouble like a pandemic, we should take precautionary measures first and then ask God for help. We can’t leave us open to any threat just saying that God will help us. We should be prepared for trials to combat with them.

In case of epidemic Rasool ( SAW) once said that don’t tie your camel with scabies with the healthy camels.

It means that scabies is an epidemic and it may spread with contact so in case of an epidemic we should avoid direct contact with infected ones.

Once a Companion Hazrat Umar ( R.A. ) was traveling to Syria and on the border, he was informed that the plague is spread ahead. so, He decides not to go there but another companion asks Caliph that you should travel trusting God ( if your death is confirmed by plague you may not avoid it). Meanwhile, another companion reported a Hadith to Umar ( R.A. ) that Rasool ( SAW) once said that if you see an epidemic in an area don’t go there and if you are in the infected area don’t travel outside to another area which is not infected.

This tells us that a man who lives in an area where the epidemic has prevailed so he should stay over there until it’s over and people from other areas should not travel to affected area.

Dua to avoid any such situations or trials.

A special pray or prayer is reported from Hadith is dua e Qunoot it’s offered in trials;

It’s offered as usual farz ( complimentary) prayer but at last raaka’at during the ruku ( a standing postion before going to prostration ) dua ( pray) to God for help by spreading both hands to come out of that trial or worst situation.