What is coronavirus infection and how may we avoid it.

Covid-19 till date has spread worldwide almost in 197 countries. The origin of coronavirus was China and now China has come out of lockdown but now many other countries have gone into lockdown.

Coronavirus infection starts symptoms like common cold i.e. coughing, sneezing, mild fever but later it causes pneumonia.

Till today no authentic reason is known of coronavirus infection but it is told by a source in China that death is caused due to blockage of airways to lungs.

This could be explained that thick mucus blocks airways like nasal chambers, throat and finally reaching to lungs and ultimately causing death.

We may avoid the above cause of coronavirus infection by drinking hot water and this may save us from serious infection or at least we could avoid.

Further precautions could be taken by taking citric fruits and vegetables which boost immune power or simply taking vitamin-c pills according to doctor’s advice.

Another way we should gurgling with hot and antiseptic liquids so that we may save through from blockage.

However doctors recommend paracetamol in coronavirus infection but it only controls symptoms like fever, cold but is not antiviral.

yet no such antiviral drug is developed to control the coronavirus infection but we may only avoid through social distancing.

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