Nazra Quran Syllabus & Time Table Download pdf Compulsory By Punjab Government

Nazra Quran Compulsory Order by Punjab Government Syllabus Download

The Government of Punjab took a very good decision from an Islamic point of view and Nazra Quran has been made compulsory for all private and Government schools. 

Strict orders are also given to all DEOS and DDOS

Respected DEOs & DDEOs

Strict directions in connection with the Teaching of the Holy Quran have been issued by the Cour. You are requested to furnish a certificate from each school of Public (if not provided yet) & Private school regarding Teaching of Holy Quran as a separate subject by tomorrow before closing hours. Moreover, reflect in the timetable of school & ensure 100% implementation. There will be zero tolerance.

Nazra Periods per Week Syllabus

There are three periods are conducted for primary Schools each Week. 

Four Periods are conducted for Elementry Schools of all Punjab each week.

High and higher Secondary schools are allowed to conduct Nazra period full week. 

Distribution of Paras for Nazra in Each Class

Qurani Qaeda and the last four Surah of the Holy Quran for the first class is necessary. 

Parahs 1 & 2 for Second Class

Parahs 3 to 8 for three class

parahs 9 to 18 for fourth class

18 to 30 parahs for the fifth class are necessary.

 parahs 1 & 2 of Holy Quran with Urdu translation for sixth class.

Parahs 3 to 5 for seventh class with Urdu translation

parahs 6 to 9 with Urdu translation for eighth class.

Parahs 10 to 16 with Urdu translation for ninth Class

Parahs 17 to 23 with translation for tenth class

parahs 24 to 30 with translation for the Eleventh class is necessary.

Download Syllabus For Nazra in Pdf

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