Lisk (LSK) is How Promising is the Cryptocurrency | Lisk Prediction

Lisk (LSK) is How Promising is the Cryptocurrency | Lisk Prediction

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In this article, we will analyze what kind of cryptocurrency Lisk (LSK), I think everyone who is interested in this topic will be very useful.

Lisk (LSK) — description of the cryptocurrency:


The Lisk cryptocurrency (LSK) was created in early 2016 as an alternative to the more common Ethereum, and the Lisk network was launched on May 24, 2016. Thanks to Lisk, developers can build blockchain-based applications using a very popular programming language, which is JavaScript.

Lisk price:

  • Lisk (LSK)
  • Lisk rate 1,20 $
  • Market capitalization 167 979 624 $
  • Trading volume 3 996 716 $
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The founders of Lisk are Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Two Polish programmers are also working on the project, namely Maciej Bar and Mariusz Serek.

Lisk operates as a foundation based in Switzerland. Why Switzerland? Its creators mention three reasons for this:

  • light and fast base;
  • government support and promising prospects;
  • security for founders.

The Lisk:
Lisk platform is a platform for decentralized applications that use JavaScript and Node.js on side chains. The created application has its own blockchain, which has a connection to the main Lisk blockchain stored in the PostgreSQL database.

This type of infrastructure is designed to help avoid problems in case of errors that occur in applications since they do not affect the main Lisk blockchain, but only the side chain of the application. In addition, this system provides greater scalability of the system in the future.

Lisk SDK:

The environment for building decentralized applications in the Lisk ecosystem includes the Lisk SDK (Software Development Kit). This development toolkit was created to make Blockchain technology more accessible. Particular attention was paid to user convenience, support for programmers, and in-depth documentation.

The goal of the project:

The Lisk Foundation has set itself the task of inspiring both businessmen and coin creators. Its highest goal is to bring talent to the blockchain industry, which will allow it to create a decentralized future with the help of the SDK. This way, it will be easier for people to transfer the idea to the product.

Alternative solutions are mostly based on a single chain of blockchains or adapted to private blocks. Lisk offers the best of both worlds. The Lisk main chain provides stability and safety, while the side chains provide unlimited flexibility. Thanks to this, Lisk offers programmers an environment where they have full control over the creation of their own Blockchain network as a side chain, but they do not have to face the difficulties of creating a Blockchain network from scratch.

Lisk Mining:

For Lisk, the traditional method of mining using CPU/GPU computing power does not apply. Active delegates are involved in the creation of new blocks and the development of LSK. To become an active delegate, you need to get enough community votes and enter the top 101 of the ranking of all delegates. The value of this vote is equal to the number of LSK tokens in your account.

Since the community selects delegates (so-called pools) to extract blocks based on a consensus algorithm (DPoS) derived from the Bitshares project, they share the prizes for the blocks with voters.

Trading in Lisk:

Cryptocurrency trading allows, among other things, bitBay and Poloniex cryptocurrency exchanges.

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