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USU Library Articles Finding Method Step by Step

How to find articles in the united states university library to databases?

Suppose the instructor tells you to search us new databases and read an article. So the first thing will be probably to just copy and paste the title of the article and go to the databases.

Β Go to the united states/USU library website under the Current student select library and scroll down. Under full-text databases select nursing and go to your database.

Β Once you login remember that all your are access codes are in d2l in the upper right corner under the library. So once you log in and choose all your databases then you paste your article and search this is your PDF.

You open your PDF and you here on under tools you have your citation scroll down this is your APA and also if you need to go back to this article.

Β I recommend you always copy and paste your permalink for the article. We can also go in we don’t know we are not sure if this article is in ProQuest. But we can go ahead and perhaps we didn’t find it in the F score. So we’ll go ahead and select nursing and we are in ProQuest and log in so apparently it’s not here. but we can see another article related to the same subjects so this is the progress.

Β we just get the full text and search we know this article is night 2017 so we just go ahead and move today to the right. Then we have JSTOR and we can do the same thing copy and paste the title and look for the article.

So these are our databases and we found these in EBSCO and let us just go back to the result and let us know that this was index in MEDLINE with full text but our purpose is just always to choose databases and do a single final search that will be the easiest.

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