Free Fire a complete guide and information 2020

Free Fire ( also known as Garena Free Fire or Free Fire battlegrounds or FF ) is an online multiplayer video game like PUBG. Free Fire was released in 2017 and was the most downloaded game in 2019 worldwide. By 2020 Free Fire set a record of 80 million users daily worldwide. As of 2020 Free Fire have more than 100 million users globally. Free Fire holds the title of the best downloaded online games on the play store and it still holds this position by 2020.

You may play free this game on your mobile by downloading from the Google play store or iOS.  50 players can take part in this game. There are different battlegrounds for players who have to land there and fight until only one survives and the surviving one is the winner of the game.

Free Fire has many modes like the Classic one. In the classic mode of the Free Fire up to 50 players take part and fight until one is survived.

In Clash Squad mode two teams are formed in which each squad consists of four players. Both the squads fight against each other for 7 rounds and in each round which team wins gets a reward with which they can buy more weapons.

The Rush hour mode is in which 20 players are dropped into a narrow area and they fight with each other and the winner is who survived at the end.

In Kill Secured mode objective is to get more kills and if the enemy dies he leaves a dog tag and the opponent picks that tag to secure more points.

Big head mode in which every player have enlarged heads.

During the season of the Free Fire game every team which wins is matched with another team who have similar characteristics i.e. have won the same number of matches and the same level and after winning all levels the winning team gets rewards.

Maps of Free Fire game

At beginning of the release of the Free Fire, this game had only one map Bermuda. Now the free fire has three modes including Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. These three modes of the Free Fire are the same in size but are very different in many other aspects.

Bermuda map of Free Fire

This map consists of greenery and other residential, factories, shipyard, power plant, and much more.

Purgatory map of Free Fire

This map includes a vast land which consists of three regions and divided into two by a river.

Kalahari map of Free Fire

Kalahari is the newest addition of maps to Free Fire. It has a variety of battlefields where every weapon could be used from short-range to long-range.

Kalahari map Free Fire
Free Fire a complete guide and information 2020 3

Free Fire Characters

Free Fire characters are Alok, Kapella, Clu, Wolfrahh, Moko which are famous but the total number of characters is 31 and it’s to remember that these all characters are not only the given names by the developers but many of them belong to real life and are very prominent in real-world and have served humanity in any way. For more details, Garena Website could be visited to read about the characters and their special traits.

Free Fire Character
Free Fire a complete guide and information 2020 4

Weapons of the Free Fire

Weapons of the Free Fire are Launchers,  LMG, SMG, Melee, AR, Pistol, SG, Bow, SR. This is the list of main categories of the Free Fire weapon. Each category includes a range of different weapons that could be found on the Garena website.

Free Fire Diamonds

Free Fire Diamonds is a premium currency of the Free Fire game. These diamonds are used to unlock many advanced features of the game and to get more powers. How to get these Free Fire Diamonds? Free Fire diamonds are got through real currency by topping up your account. There are other ways also to get the Free Fire diamonds is to participate in special events but these events give very few diamonds. Another way is to get a membership to get diamonds. Members get diamonds daily with a very low membership fee.

How to play Free Fire on PC

Download the android emulator on your pc and install it. After installation, open the emulator home screen and search for the Free Fire game. Install the Free Fire game as you install it on your mobile and enjoy the Free Fire game on your PC.

Free Fire game Pakistan

Free Fire the survival game is widely downloaded and played in Pakistan. Free Fire is headquartered in Singapore and now Free Fire announced on 04 October 2020 that it is going to set its server in Pakistan. It will enable Free Fire players to locally managing teams. Free Fire is going to held an online tournament on 01 November 2020 in Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan is offering discounts for diamonds and airdrops when you top up your Free Fire account with Telenor balance. This discount is up to 20% if you top up your Free Fire account with Telenor balance to get diamonds and airdrops.

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