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Yelp is an international public company based in San Francisco, California, United States. The company designs, hosts, and operates the Yelp website and its mobile application. It also provides an online reservation system known as Yelp Resorts. 

The mobile application works by allowing users to view information about restaurants based on a map. Users can enter addresses, phone numbers, or other information about a location to learn more about it and see reviews from people who have already visited it.

Yelp, like other online review sites, was created as a way to help consumers make better decisions when deciding which businesses they would like to support. It was developed by Jim Crosby, a professional web designer who was dissatisfied with the many business websites that he had seen online. He saw how these sites were poorly designed, had low content, and were often hard to navigate.

Yelp began as a small site that focused on San Francisco. Today it has expanded to include over 100 cities and all parts of the United States. Its business listing has added entertainment listings, local travel listings, and restaurant reviews to its business database.

Using this information, a business owner can narrow down their search for the perfect location and place to purchase the products or services they offer. They can then use the search results to make informed decisions about their business and what they are willing to do to enhance it.

Yelp has been incredibly helpful for business owners in finding places to visit and different types of businesses to patronize. A business owner can read about different businesses by browsing through their ratings and reviews to see if there are specific characteristics that they are looking for in their business.

The Yelp mobile application was developed specifically to help consumers find a restaurant or other establishment using a cell phone. When a business uses Yelp’s mobile application, it allows customers to view reviews and ratings of a business, search for businesses in a specific area, or by zip code, view a particular business’s location, and find businesses within a certain radius.

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