How to lock Facebook profile

Facebook a social media giant has rolled out its new privacy feature of profile locking. By using Facebook profile lock privacy feature its user may lock their profiles from other user to stalk on their profiles. This Facebook profile lock feature is currently rolled out in a few countries not all over the world. With this new profiling locking feature users may block other users or limit other users to see their photos, profile information etc. In other words you may see that only friends have access to the full profile of a locked profile users’ profile but other than friend users may have limited access.

Facebook have billions of users and privacy of is of major concerns, especially the female users have greater concerns over their privacy on Facebook. To ensure the privacy of female users Facebook have introduced its new privacy tab ” profile lock”.

Facebook Profile lock could be enabled by following a few simple steps;

  • Go to your Facebook profile page
  • Under the Facebook profile page you will see ” more ” button
  • Click on the more button under facebook profile page
  • In a drop down menu you will see ” lock profile ”
  • Click on the lock profile button
  • Then confirm the ” Lock profile ”
  • Now your profile is locked.

The above mentioned process is for Desktop users to lock their Facebook profile. The mobile users may have a slightly different process to lock their profile on Facebook.

Mobile users of Facebook may follow simple steps;

  • Open your facebook app and click on right side menu button
  • Click on see profile
  • Click on three dots under your name on right hand side
  • Here you will see profile lock option to lock your profile on Facebook

There is another way to lock your profile on Facebook by going to ” Help & Support ” Center.

Search ” lock profile ” in the help and support center of Facebook and different option will appear. Select the lock profile option.

As said above that profile lock feature is still unavailable in many countries like one in Pakistan so they may use other privacy shortcuts to ensure their privacy on Facebook.


  1. Review your time line

Under review your timeline you may control who can see your posts.

  • You can also choose who can see your basic info
  • you may also control your story privacy
  • Review tags; under this you control tags
  • Turn on profile picture guard; this will enable other users to download your picture or view in a bigger screen.
  • You may also control who can send you friend requests or follow you.
  • Control who can look you up on Facebook using your email or mobile number
  • You can also prevent search engines to look up your profile

All above privacy shortcuts could be done by going to privacy check up in your Facebook profile.

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