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ISPs boast about maximum data rates, but what’s the real story? The speed depends on many factors: the time and day of the week, the load of the communication channel, the technical condition of the servers, the condition of the communication lines, and even the weather. When buying a certain package of services, you want to be sure that the money is not paid in vain, and the Internet speed corresponds to the declared one.

We will check with the help of special services on the network because this is the most convenient, affordable, and accurate way to determine the speed of the Internet. Speed ​​is measured from the computer to the server running the service. Accordingly, the indicators from different services will differ.


  • Incoming speed, i.e. the one with which we download from the Internet.
  • Outgoing – the speed of information delivery, i.e. when data is transmitted from our computer, for example, when you send an email or file, or a torrent is opened.

Note: The baud rate is measured in kilo- or mega-bits. One byte contains 8 bits plus an overhead pair of bits. This means that with a result of 80 Mbits, the actual speed is 8 MB per second. Each speed test consumes about 10-30 megabytes of traffic.

Ookla SpeedTest:

The best service for today, is sharpened for testing the bandwidth of the Internet connection. Precisely determines the maximum possible speed for your computer at the moment.

Go To Speed Test

To start the test, press the big button “START”. The service will determine the optimal server and start transmitting data. During testing, the current speed is displayed. It usually grows as the process progresses.

what indicators are determined:

  • “Download” – incoming speed: 30-70 Mbps
  • “Download” – upstream speed: 10-30 Mbps
  • “PING” : 3-30 ms

For mobile 3G / 4G internet:

  • incoming: 5-10 Mbps
  • outgoing: 1-2 Mbps
  • PING: 15-50 ms

PING is an important indicator, it is the time takes to establish a connection. The closer the server is, the lower the value and better.

SpeedTest has servers all over the globe, so your location and the closest server are determined first, then the test data is transmitted. The measured speed is the highest possible for your computer at a given time. This is achieved since the server for data exchange is located in your city or region, and the closer the server is to the computer, the higher the speed. But you can choose any server!

SpeedTester for Smartphone:

If you want to test your smartphone speed then click on the below button.

  1. Click here for Android Phones: 2. Click here For iOS

Speed Test for Android

Speed Test For iOS

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