Ehsaas koi bhooka na soye initiative under Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety division Government of Pakistan.

On 6 January 2021 Special assistant to Prime minister Dr. Sania Nishtar of Poverty Alleviation and Social Security division briefed over the new initiative koi bhooka na soye. Koi bhooka na soye or no one goes to sleep hungry is an initiative in which Government plans to provide the meal to such deprived who can’t afford the meal of two time.

Dr. Sania told Prime Minister Imran Khan that such areas across the country are to be identified where people are deprived of two times of meals and after identification of such areas two times meals will be provided to hungry poor people.

Under the Ehsaas Umbrella no one goes to sleep hungary or koi bhooka na soye initiative is according to Prime Minister’s vision in which he promised to alleviate poverty throughout the country.

Koi bhooka na soye is continuity of ehsaas Panahgah. Ehsaas Panahgah is a shelter provided to the laborers in big cities..

The ehsaas koi bhooka na soye will be launched after mapping the areas where people are so deprived that they even can’t afford the meals and go to bed hungry.

For such hungry people who can’t afford meal to fill their belly two times will be included and will be provided meals under ehsaas koi bhooka na soye.

Koi bhooka na soye or no one goes to sleep hungry program will be spread throughout the country and will assistant people get meals.

In Panahgahs 1000s of people already provided shelter and meal and this is going to open in every big city, specially the provincial Capitals.

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