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AIOU Topic Selection for B.Eds Research Project (8613) Thesis Topic Suggestions 2020

Research Topic Suggestions for B.ed or M.ed

1-Impact of peer monitoring on students motivations and academic performance

2-impact of reward system at school level on student’s motivation and academic performance

3-impact of schools infrastructure and environment on student’s motivations

4-impact of extra curriculum activities on students’ academic performance

5-impact of class room management’s strategies on student’s motivations and performance

6-impact of extrinsic & intrinsic motivational trainings on students’ performance

7-problem in teaching faced by newly appointed male/female teachers

8-impact of class room instructional practice on students’ performance 

9-impact of family involvement on academic achievement of students

10- Factors affecting the performance of students, a teacher perspective

11-impact of outdoor learning on student’s achievements 

12-Impact of corporal punishments on students’ academic performance

13- How to improve students learning and communications skill

14-the role of audios and videos lecture on students learning skills

15- Impact of education on students personality developments.

16-A survey of educational problem faced by students

17- Effectiveness of physical facilities on students’ academic performance

18-Impact of math anxiety (problems) at secondary level

19-impact of tuition practice on students learning (academic Performance)

20-comparative analysis of new VS old traditional teaching method

21 the impact of physical facilities on students,  A comparative study of public and private schools

22- The effectiveness of GTM (grammar translation method) on students of primary level.

23-impact of activity based method of teaching on students’ academic performance.

24- Effect of CM (Punjab) Road map indicator on drop out ratio of students.

25-measure of low literacy rate in rural areas

26-role of teacher to create interest among students for getting education at middle level

27- The impact of teacher behavior on students learning

28-impact of student’s behavior on their performance

29-how to enhance good behavior and personality of students

30-effect of motivation of teachers to students on their results

31- the effect of character building activities on personality of students.

32-comparasion of private and public sectors for promotion of quality of education

33-the role of teacher to solve the problem of students

34- Impact of teachers on developing creative writing skills in English of grade 10th students.

35- The role of communicative approach on reading and writing skills of students.

35- How to improve creative writing and reading skill of ESL (English as second language) of students

36-the effect of teachers’ professional education (B.Ed, M.Ed) on student’s achievement

37-the effect of computer based technology on students’ achievement

38- Impact of socio-economics status on their academic achievement.

39-impact of ECE (early childhood education) room on students’ performance

40- The Reasons of students drop out at secondary level.

41- Impact of emerging technology on students’ performance.

42- Impact of Classroom management in quality of education.

43- The impact of classroom management on student’s behavior

44- Impact of extra curriculum activities on students’ behavior.

45-effect of teacher’s personality on character building of students

46- A study of teacher’s problems in private sectors.

47-Effect of social network website (FB, Tw, Wtsap etc) on students’ academic performance

48-impact of reading habits of 10th grade students on their academic performance

49- Analysis of problems of assessment in early childhood education.

50- Impact of AEO instructions on students’ and teachers’

51-effectiveness of teaching method on students’ performance

52- How to manage bullies and take actions against bullying at education institutions

53- Impact of lesson planning on students’ performance.

54- Role of female harassment at schools level

55- Role of religions perspective on education activities in Pakistani’s culture.

Topics collected for students according to theme or sub theme prospective given from AIOU 2020

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