How to send Assignment on AIOU LMS system news updated 2020

Highlighted points

  • All students of 16-year AIOU programs will write their work in electronic form (Word or PDF format)
  • All students will upload it to their portal at
  • Only students can download their information which has received their connection information to the AIOU LMS portal in the form of an SMS.
  • This SMS contains the student’s username and password.
  • Only these students receive LMS journal data whose assumptions are confirmed.
  • Students upload their first assignment on the date mentioned on the student’s individual LMS portal.

Important Note

  • After the due date for uploading assignments to the LMS portal, the student cannot upload the information because the portal is closed and no data will be maintained in any other way.
  • Students who have not yet received their LMS logging information are asked to write an E-mail to

Student Information

You must enter your details

  • Roll number (BU60XXXXX)
  • Your registered mobile number that you mentioned when you applied for admission to AIOU (030XXXXXXXX)
  • Your full home or correspondence address(Mentioned as a Permanent Address)

Keep remember for authentication

Keep the CC in the email to regional office Email when you send the email to

How your marks will be conformed

The supervisor only receives the information from his assigned students in his LMS portal and will mark the information and provide points (for example a score of 100 points) on the LMS portal.

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