How to solve AIOU research manual of 8613 for B.Ed. 1.5/2.5 Complete guidance step-by-step 2022


Name of the School (where the action research was conducted):

Overall background of the participants of the project; area / school: (socio-economic status, occupation / profession – earning trends of majority of the parents, literacy rate, academic quality, and any other special trait of the community where the school is situated) (10 marks)

Steps to solve above mentioned question

  • One individual can select single school for compilation of her B.Ed. degree
  • If people are more than one then research parameter will be different example class environment, motivation of student,learningstrategies
  • Here define about research background, mean review and literature that we want to fallow instruction’s gained from pervious knowledge
  • Introduction, detail about school environment (located people business, source of income, nature of work etc.)
  • Research background
  • Motivation (which factors are important)
  • Socio-economic benefits (what we actually can do after deliberation of research)

Theme: ___________________________________________________________

Sub-theme: ________________________________________________________

Topic: ____________________________________________________________


Selection of theme and sub theme

It’s a very simple step first we remember given manual from AIOU domain area such as theme focused on cognitive relations and sub theme include practical impacts

Select topic include one variable from theme and other from subtheme to make final title for your research

Questions given in Manual, How we can answer

  • Read carefully based on your own research topic
  • Don’t explore extra and irrelevant material
  • Define comprehensively
  • Provide clear information


  1. Why did you select this specific sub-theme and topic? Relate it to your experience / problem in your classroom / institution. (10 marks)

(Give the background and rationale of the study)


  • Here focused on research questions and explore this question based on addressed the problem
  • What is main factor of your research?
  • Motivation
  • Development and benefits
  • Your consequence and research deliberated results
  1. What was your discussion with your colleague / friend / senior teacher or supervisor regarding the problem? (05 marks)

(Provide your discussion with your colleague or supervisor for better understanding of the problem and alternate solutions)


  • Simple a make platform to discuss your problem with peers
  • Make ideas
  • How first situational problem addressed
  • How I can manage, which factor is important may I want to explore
  • Which variable directly impact on focused problem
  • Discussed the question about time and complexity
  1. What did you find about the problem in the existing literature (books / articles / websites)? (10 marks)

(Explore books and online resources to know what and how has been already done regarding this problem)


  • Keep your research question in mind to find the data from online resources
  • Try to find latest data
  • Must focused on research gap, limitation
  • What was in previous?
  • Try to write yearly example 2001, 2005, 2008, 2019 and 2020
  • Don’t break sense of reading when write paragraph
  1. What were the major variables / construct of your project? Give definitions / description from literature. (05 marks)

(What are the key terms in your topic or study? what do you mean of these terms? What particular meaning you will attach to the term when used in this project?)


  • Mentioned the name of your research variables
  • Read article to find the nature of variable how they lead your research to create relationship
  • Focused on related definition…. Citation is need if word already done on mentioned type of variable
  • Mentioned the impact of variable is direct or indirect
  1. What did you want to achieve in this research project? (05 marks)

(Objective / purpose of the study; what was the critical question that was tried to be answered in this project)


  • Here research purpose, objective discus confidently
  • What is the aim of research?
  • Why I want to do this
  • What is the social benefit of this research?
  • Define critical question and develop hypothesis
  1. Who were the participants in your project? (05 marks)

(Give details of the individuals or groups who were focused in this project e.g. the early-grade students whose handwriting in Urdu was not good or the students of class VIII who did not have good communication skills)


  • Focused on nature of population
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Heads
  • Parents
  • Environment
  • Give the detail actually what we have to face the problem in above mentioned parameters
  • Define the nature of depend and in depended variable with relationship of difficulties
  1. How did you try to solve the problem? (10 marks)

(Narrate the process step-wise. Procedure of intervention and data collection)


  • Discussed about material and methods
  • How I was collect the data
  • Which parameters was important
  • Which steps I was fallow to addressed the problem
  1. What kind of instrument was used to collect the data? How was the instrument developed? (05 marks)

(For example: observation, rating scale, interview, student work, portfolio, test, etc.)


Totally depend upon you and your way of research

  • Qualitative and quantitative
  • SPSS demographic data
  • Questioned based
  • Checklist
  • Interviews
  • Rating scale
  • Student work
  • Portfolio
  • Physical observation
  • Class test
  • Cognitive aspects
  1. What were the findings and conclusion? (Provide instruments and analysis as appendix) (10 marks)


  • What you have to find in your research work
  • Try to make list of finding
  • Focused on each parameter to discuss their relationship with other mentioned factors
  • Describe the confidence of research
  • Statistically results will be appreciated such as define the results of different protocols
  • Make the connections based on findings for conclusion
  1. Summary of the Project (05 marks)

(What and how was the research conducted – main objective, process and findings)


  • Write the abstract of your research, including
  • What was my selected papulation?
  • Parameters and hypothesis results (Simple size and results)
  • How I solve the problem
  • What was my objective, what I have achieved or discussed their findings
  1. How do you feel about this practice? What have you learnt? (Self-reflection) (10 marks)


  • Give the logical view of your thoughts
  • Mentioned advantage and disadvantages (Recommendations)
  • How can be controlled problem in future?
  • Benefits of implementation
  1. What has it added to your professional skills as a teacher? (05 marks)


  • Give the detail about your thoughts according to your own way
  1. List the works you cited in your project (follow the APA manual – 6th Edition). Examples of format are available on websites. (05 marks)


  • Use APA style
  • If you have any article title, writer name, DOI number etc
  • Open Google Schooler
  • Simply put the (title, writer name, DOI number etc) in Google Schooler search bar
  • Then find your article in Indexed data click on star type logo, it will show APA style format

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