A young boy was killed by ATS at Sirinagar highway in Islamabad Capital of Pakistan

With the initial reports coming from different sources that a young innocent boy named Usama Nadeem Satti 21 years old was killed by anti terrorist squad ( ats ) in Islamabad territory on Sirinagar highway. It’s said that the boy usam nadeem bhatti didn’t stop his car while passing by the check post and the ats ( anti terrorist squad ) shot dead the boy on Sirinagar highway of Capital city Islamabad Pakistan.

This incident took place last night in Islamabad Capital territory on Sirinagar highway & Usama was killed because he didn’t stop even ats tried to stop him.

This incident has raged wrath amongst the people of Pakistan and it’s today’s top trend on twitter #JusticeforUsamaNadeemSatti.

5 of the culprits from ats who were involved in the killing of Usama nadeem Satti on Sirinagar highway last night have been arrested and initial Investigations are going on.

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