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GCUF BS-chemistry Semester 1 Pakistan Studies Book Download

Pakistan Studies Book

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1. Regeneration of Muslim Society in sub-continent and causes of the decline of Muslim Rule 

2. War of Independence 1857 and its impacts upon the politics of South Asia. 

3. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Aligarh Movement:

 i) Educational Services 

ii) Political Services 

iii) Rational Interpretation of Islam

 4. All India Muslim League:

 i) Multiple approaches and causes of the formation of the Muslim League.

 ii) Objectives of the party.

 iii) Comparison of the policies of All Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League.

 iv) Politics of Muslim League after the creation of Pakistan

 5. Lucknow Pact 1916, high water mark of Hindu-Muslim Unity.

 6. Khilafat Movement: 

i) Khilafat as an institution.

 ii) Hindu-Muslim Unity.

 iii) Role of Gandhi iv) Emergence of Muslim Ulma in Indian politics. v) Causes of the failure and impacts of the movement.

 7. Iqbal’s Address at Allahabad 1930 and political thoughts of Ch. Rehmat Ali.

 8. Congress Ministries. 

9. Pakistan Resolution 1940. 10. Muhammad Ali Jinnah: 

i) Jinnah’s role in Indian politician.

 ii) As a Governor General 11. 

Initial problems and constitutional development in Pakistan.

 12. The study of constitutions of Pakistan (1956-1962-1973) 

13. Political culture of Pakistan. 

14. Foreign Policy of Pakistan:

 i) Major determinants and objectives 

ii) Overview.Β 

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