BISE Lahore Complete English Paper pattern A,B Class 10th

Paper pattern of English Class 10th Bise Lahore

If we look at the paper pattern of English, it is consists of two parts Objective and subjective. The objective is the first part, while the Subjective paper is the second part.

In the examination, the hall examiner will give you an objective paper first, which will be based on 19 marks that you have to solve in 20 minutes.

Buble sheet will also provide you with Subjective paper for solving the 19 Mcqs.

Q:1 Marks 19

  In the objective section, There are the following four parts

(a) Chose the correct form of the verb. Marks 5 

 for solving this, you should learn the tenses, grammar, and simple sentences. 

(b) Chose the word with correct spelling. Marks 4

For solving this part, you should read carefully during the study for remembering the correct spelling 

(c) Chose the right option Marks 5

For example, the synonym of form 

(d) Chose the right choice according to Grammer Marks 5 

Second Section pattern of English paper Bise Lahore 

Let’s come to the second portion of this paper. The subjective part has 2:10 minutes and 56 total marks.  

Q:2 Marks 10

The question number is based on ten marks and has 8 questions from that; you have to solve any five problems. All these questions came from the exercises of a chapter of the 10th class English book.

Q:3 Marks 8

Translate any of the following two paragraphs into Urdu from the given three sections. 

Q:4 Marks 5

Write the Summary OR reference to Context.

Here are some students confused about what they should to chose. My opinion is that you should select a summary because it is simple to write.

Q:5 Marks 15  

Write an essay of 150-200 words on any one of the following topics. Three topics were given.

 OR Write a paragraph of 150-200 words.

Q:6 Marks 5

Direct and indirect speech 

Direct and indirect is a problem for all of the students, so learn it properly. 

In this section, eight questions will be given, and you have to attempt five.

Q:7 Marks 5 

Use any five pairs of words in your sentence. 

Q:8 Marks 8

Translate the following paragraph into English.