12 Most Commonly Used Google Chrome Shortcuts keys You Should know in windows 11

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Today, we will learn Some Basic Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Keys for Windows operating system.

If you are a programmer, designer, or developer and trying to increase your productivity then you must remember and use keyboard shortcut keys. This will save you time for rest, fun, and other important tasks. Mostly, People to open settings go to the start menu and select programs from the list but using shortcut keys we can do this by pressing two keys in just a few seconds.

Once you will start using these keys you will realize how interesting and easy the window operating system is and navigate by using these shortcuts.

Commonly used Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Windows 11:

Some common Google Chrome Shortcut keys which are frequently used in performing different tasks on the computer are:

Ctrl + T : Open new Tab

If you are using Google Chrome and want to open a new tab in the same window then simply hold down Ctrl and press T. This will bring you to another tab in few seconds. Normally, peoples go to the top of the page and click on the + sign for opening a new tab. This takes a lot of time. You can do this by just pressing two keys from the keyboard.

Open New Tab
Open New Tab

Ctrl + W: Close an Active Tab

If you want to close any tab immediately then just hold down Ctrl and press W. This key is used to close only an Active tab.

Close an active Tab
Close an active tab

Ctrl + Tab: Go to the first Tab

If you have opened More than one Tab at the same time and you want to go to the First tab then hold down Ctrl and Press Tab button.

Go to First Tab
Go to First Tab

Ctrl+ Shift +Tab: Go to Previous Tab

If you have opened More than one Tab at the same time and you want to go to the previous tab immediately or in reverse order then hold down Ctrl + Shift and Press Tab.

 Go to the Previous Tab
Go to the Previous Tab

Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen last Closed Tab

If you are working and You Accidentally Close the tab then you can reopen the last close tab by just using two buttons. To reopen the Last Close tab simply hold Down Ctrl +Shift and press T.

Reopen last Closed Tab
Reopen Last Closed Tab

Ctrl + Shift + W: Close Entire Chrome window

If you want to close all tabs at once then simply hold down Ctrl + Shift key and press W.

Close Entire Chrome window
Close Entire Chrome window

Ctrl + (+, -): Zoom In and Zoom Out

Zoom In: If you want to see Some text and other content Big and clear then Hold down Ctrl and Press + (Plus).

 Zoom In
Zoom In

Zoom Out: If you Want to see text and other Content in Small Size then Hold Down Ctrl and Press –(Minus).

 Zoom out
Zoom out

Ctrl + F : Search from Webpage

If you want to find some word or group of words from an active tab then hold down the Ctrl key and press F. This will show you the search panel where you can easily find anything from the active page.

Search from Webpage
Search from Webpage

Ctrl + S: Save web page

If you do not know how to save the page then hold down ctrl and press S. You can easily save any page by just pressing these two Buttons.

Save web page
Save web page

Ctrl + P: Print Current web page

If you want to print a document then hold down the ctrl and press the P button. This will show you the print panel in just a few seconds. you can easily print documents by using this shortcut.

Control P
Print Current web page

Ctrl + j: Open Download Page

If you have downloaded a file and want to check it is successfully download or not then hold down Control and press J. this action will bring you to the download page where you can see all your download files easily.

 Open Download Page
Open Download Page

Ctrl + D: Bookmark Current Page

Bookmark is used to store pages for future read and easy access. So, if you want to bookmark Your favorite page then Hold down Control and press D.

Control D
Bookmark Current Page

I hope you have Learned Something from here.
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