How to Download Videos from Youtube Without Any Download Manager

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Today in this article, we will learn

  • How to Download Videos from Youtube without any Download manager?
  • How to download any kind of video offline from YouTube?

YouTube is one of the inclusive world’s largest platforms for sharing, Commenting, enjoying and uploading videos. Here we can easily find any type of video related to any topic such as movies, news, fun, music, technology, sports, education, fashion, vlogs, drama, etc. You can find any kind of video at any time here. This platform provides the best way to share informative information with companies, students, and people all over the world. Many users spend their spare time watching videos on YouTube because YouTube videos are the best way to enjoy.

But watching online videos is sometimes prove annoying due to too many buffers and ads during watching videos. A lot of data requires for watching online videos. This is one of the reason, Which is increasing the demand of users for downloading and viewing YouTube videos offline. Due to some issues, Videos don’t have access to download offline. In other words, YouTube doesn’t provide any access to download video offline and waiting without an internet connection.

There are a variety of download managers are available to download videos from youtube. But most of them contain harmful viruses which damage your device and also affect device speed. Therefore, We will learn who you can download youtube videos without any download manager.

Steps To Download Videos from Youtube:

There are many ways to download videos from youtube but we will learn one very simple from them. You can easily download videos from YouTube by following some simple steps which are described below:

Step 1: Open YouTube and select a video that you want to download. You can select any kind of video related to your interest.

Step 2: Click on Video and at the top of the page, you will see a video URL.

Click on URL
Click on URL

Step 3: Click on the URL and Enter ss After the www Dot.

Enter ss After www.
Enter ss After www.

Step 4: Press Enter. This will bring you to the Download page.

Step 5: Here you can select the Video Format After selecting format press Enter from the keyboard.

Select Format
Select Format

Step 6: Click on Download Button. after clicking your download will start automatically within few seconds.

You can download any kind of video easily by using this method. This is one of the simplest techniques for downloading youtube videos. Instead, you first download a Download manager and then, open again and again for downloading any file from it.

Note: After the video successfully download. You can check it from your download folder where all the download files store. You can watch this any time without any network connection and without any disturbance of ads.

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