Who Was Ghazi Artghral?

Assalam o Alikum today I will introduce by the family of Ghazi Artagal which become very famous all over the world. This Drama would be release in Urdu language at PTV(PAKISTAN TELEVISiON). This Drama base on the reality of Sultanate A Osmania.
Artaghral Ghazi is the founder of the Ottoman Empire, born in 1191 AD and Died in 1280 AD.
The year 1291 AD to 1924 for 600 years, the Turks of the Turks defend the Muslim Ummah. Modern construction of the Dome Khazriya and the Masjid e Haram. The Tomb of Syedna Amir Hamza. A great canal up to Mecca. Leadership wall around the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH). The project to Mecca has done great things like. The family of Artghal Ghazi came here from Asia and their descendants were twelve sons of Oguz Khan Oghuz khan, from whom they became twelve tribes one of the Que tribe of which was the Kayi tribe from whom the Archangel Ghazi belonged to your father Suleiman Shah. There were three brothers, Artghral Ghazi and Sarram, Zuljan and Guldaro, your mother’s name was Haima.

Artghral ghazi Drama release by Turkish Government whose main aim is to promote the Islamic History towards the youth of Islam. This Drama realizes the loosing power of Muslims.

ahlat 3289167 1920
History of Ghazi Artghral

Artghral ghazi tribe first came from Asia to Iran and then from Iran to Anatolia to deal with the invasion of the Mongols family where Sultan Alauddin who was the Sultan of the Seljuk Empires and the Seljuk Turkish Empire Sultan Alp Arslan… Arslan founded Bizantine in 1071 in the Battle of Manzikert by defeating the Knights and Sultan Alp Arslan was the greatest figure out in history and the same empire led to Sultan Alauddin… Under the shadow of Sultan Alauddin these 12 tribes lived in Oghuz Khan and after the death of their father Suleiman Shah, who became chief of the Qae tribe, Ahlut first came and then went to Aleppo from Aleppo 1232 where Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi grandson was the ruler of Al Ghaziz, first Uthlugh rescued Al-Aziz from the traitors in his palace, then befriended him and then married Halima Sultan, niece of Sultan Alauddin befriended the Ayubians and the Seljuqs, conquered a strong fortress of the Crusader, which was near Aleppo, followed by Arthur.

After the invasion of the Mongol came to a close, Artghral Ghazi defeated the Nawyan, an M leader of the Mongol, Nawan was the right hand of the Mongols king Oktae Khan, Oktae Khan was the son of Genghis Khan and the son of the Oktae was Halaku Khan who was in Baghdad. The same young man was defeated Sogut came to Sogut to take possession of his tribe exactly near Constantinople in Constantinople, and first conquered a fortress of Byzantine there, and gathered all the Turkish tribes there and after Sultan Alauddin became your son Ghiyasu ud din, Sultan. In the battle of Usman who was married to his daughter, Sultan Ghiyasuddin was martyred then Osman Ghazi became Sultan and his descendant was Sultan Muhammad Fateh Rah who conquered Jakarta in 1453 and was present there. The unseen news of the Holy Prophet is over Fighters like Muthal Ghazi are rare in history but our generation does not know they were brave fighters.

Imam Ibn al Arabi expelled the deceased Ghazi, twice from his mouth, and continued to provide spiritual support to the deceased at any time…

May Allah raise the status, of Ghazni and have thousands of mercy on him.


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