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Why Adesnes Account not approving during COVID-19

As you know coronavirus is affecting everything and everyone whether it’s the economy whether it’s individuals’ lives and people’s health it’s a massive global issue.

There are many problems which everyone facing nowadays due to COVID-19. Everyone has a loss in their business. 

It also has very serious effects on the world’s biggest Company Google due to very serious conditions in America. 

Due to COVID-19 Google has stopped approving new sites for Advertisements. 

Due to a lack of workers, they can’t review your sites and that’s why this service is temporarily unavailable.

You Can Read the Google notification by clicking below Link


Why It is happening and How COVID-19 Has Impacted Google Ads

Because all the offline markets are closed All the industries and other businesses are shut down Due to coronavirus lockdown. It affects every field very badly because google has a deficiency of customers for advertisement. That’s why Google also giving very low CPC on Old accounts.

Now we are looking at a recent report from the word stream. where they’ve looked at the impacts of coronavirus on the PPC (pay per click) industry as a whole. But first of all who are word stream and why do we care about their reports. The stream is a PPC software provider they provide keyword research optimizations and automated bidding in their platform solution for small and medium-sized businesses. They have a ton of customers meaning they have a ton of data as well so a lot of the reports they bring out are a result of their huge customer base. let’s take a look at the specifics report of coronaviruses impact on PPC as opposed to looking at specific industry winners and losers so let’s jump in the first really interesting insight, that the volume of clicks across the board is beginning to slow down. They’re seeing a massive decrease in clicks over time and of course, is the news hit across the world of the virus spreading. we’re seeing that trend in the graph of the clicks reducing in volume across all industries on average in fact in the report word stream state that the impression volume of Google ads has decreased by around 7% which is not uncommon in holidays and weekends. But for a consistent lower trajectory it’s quite rare to see and of course, that is the impacts that the coronavirus is having on PPC at the very top level. The next part of the reports is something you know is coming as a result of lower click volumes there’s also a drop in conversion rate overall as well which is a really worrying stat for PPC marketers because of course, you’ve optimized your campaigns you’ve got bidding strategies running you’re maybe optimizing bids yourself you’ve got things in a good place and all of a sudden with this external factor you’re seeing your conversion rates drop now. why might that be what isn’t it obvious people are preoccupied with coronavirus they’re not sure of the lay of the land going forward for the next coming weeks or even coming months. So they can’t plan in advance and at that position why would you invest in buying a product you’re not even sure you’re going to get to use.

 There are a number of flights canceled a lot of travel restrictions travel bans planes being grounded. As a result of obviously trying to contain the virus these industries are being hit hard and in the UK Virgin Airlines are asking for a bailout from the government. So there are a lot of problems in the travel industry and as a result of this virus, we can see that reflected in PPC. We’re seeing massive drops in performance here as well when you see campaigns focus on vacation holiday packages are decreasing in conversion rate by more than 50%. Then you’ve got to start to worry and really understand the impacts that coronavirus is having on the travel and tourism industry. Other industries are also affected by coronavirus the hospitality industry is going to be hit hard. Bars and restaurants and the hospitality industry is falling down in Google ads because of course why would you book a restaurant if you’re not allowed to go why would you book a hotel if you’re not allowed to attend and go to that hotel.

Another industry massively hit by this is the conferences and events industry. So those events have all been canceled which is the responsible thing to do because of course, you don’t want the virus to spread for our populations. But the problem with that from a PPC point of view is that there are no good conversion rates in the events industry at the moment.

Due to all of these reasons and Lack of employ google cant review your site and that’s why you can’t get Adsense account approval

 What you Should to Do?

Just keep patience and wait for the right time to get approval. As these crises will go down everything will come back one routine.