How to Get PM Relief Package 2000 Rupes

Relief Package 2000

PM of Pakistan Shabaz Shareef has announced the Relief package of rs 2000 for 14 million families whose salary or income is under 40000 in Pakistan.

PM Shabaz Shareef announced this scheme to protect the poor and low-income citizens in Pakistan due to the current inflation in-country and the rise in petroleum prices.

This program is different from the (BISP) Benazir Income Support Program and every citizen including males and females under an income of 4000 RS will get 2000 every month.

How to Get Rs 2000 Relief Package 

First of all, open your messages then type your National Identity card Number here and send it to 786. 

After that, you will be registered and you have to register for this package before 1 June 2022. After registration, you will receive the confirmation msg and your rupes will start coming every month after confirmation by the government.

How to Get PM Relief Package RS 2000

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