Pakistan is a highly understated and misunderstood country due to innumerable reasons. The international media, global politics, and others’ self-assumed values thrust upon the country. But there are things, that still attract millions within the country and have started attracting thousands from the world. What are those things? dive with us in deep in the list of wonders. stay put, there’ll more be coming in the future…



          Kharan Desert is in Balochistan. The least populated province of Pakistan. The barren desert of the province. Residents of the desert breed animals like sheep, camels, and goats.

The government of Pakistan is building Motorways and highways. That will pass through it and connect to the capital of the province Quetta and a gateway of Asia: Gawadar.

Arabian princes and royalties often come here for games, hunting, and camping.


          It is known as The Great Indian Desert for centuries and divided in India and Pakistan. Pakistani Sindh and Indian Gujrat provinces cover this desert. On the Pakistani side, it is famous for all sorts of desert games, such as bike rallies, jeep rallies, hunting games, and camping.


It has huge sand dunes. It touches some major cities of Punjab such as Miyanwali, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, Multan, and Bhakkar.

Britishers had built a canal for the locals around the 1870s called the Thal-Neher (Canal in local language).


          Locally it is also called Rohi. Spans over famous cities like Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan. Famous Saraiki, Punjabi, Sindhi, Persian and Arabic language poet Khawaja Ghulam Fareed belongs to this area.

It is home to Indus Valley civilization. Famous Cholistan-Jeep Rally takes place here under the auspices of Government of Pakistan, Tourism Development Authority and Pakwheels.


Pak China border


It is in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. A mountainous area. The area is covered in snow throughout the winter.

People of the area understand Urdu, Kashmiri and somewhat English because English is the official language of the country and most people understand you if they do not speak it.


Very few foreigners visit this place. It is the least populated valley and least visited. It has all the natural beauty in people and places.

The locals love and welcome foreigners. The famous vlogger Drew Binsky tells that Pakistanis are at the top among the friendliest nations, so are the Kalash.


A town in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, has three lakes that freeze in the winter.

Pakistanis visit this place only in summer because it is accessible only at that time of the year.

The government of Pakistan is working with China to open such remote places in winters also to attract foreigners to the untapped natural beauty of the area.

MALAM JABBA (Swat Valley)

          A modern tourist site in Pakistan. It has ice rinks, chair lifts, dedicated areas for skiing. This valley is also surrounded by some Buddhist monasteries and stupas.

Both provincial and federal governments are building infrastructures here to meet international standards of tourism. Motorways, highways, 5G internet services, world-class hotels, and resorts are being built here like many other tourist sites in Pakistan.

PEER CHANASI (Muzaffarabad)

          It about 30 kilometers away from the city of Muzaffarabad. Very few Pakistanis visit here. It is accessible both in winters and summers by road.

NARAN (Kaghan Valley)

          It is in district Mansehra, KPK province of Pakistan. A town that attracts thousands of hundreds of photographers and thousands of tourists.

Very famous tourist attractions await are here which are known to almost every Pakistani by name such as, Babusar, Saiful Malook, Purby Valley and Noori Valley.


          Ziarat is the place where the father of the Pakistani nation chose to spend his last days. A serene and peaceful place, a window to heavens, home to world’s largest juniper tree jungles. Its hills are covered with all those trees.

Apples and cherries of the locality are very famous with the Baloch.

KEL VALLEY (Neelum Valley)

          Very famous with the Pakistanis, they know it by its local name, Neelum valley. It has the world’s largest (not highest) peaks and glaciers.


          On the banks of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, it has a number of tourist attractions that require a detailed article. Few are as follows: Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, Passu, Diran, and Ladyfinger Peak.


          Almost famous and known by almost every Pakistan living in the mainland of Pakistan. It is in Murree, KPK, Pakistan.


Pakistanis are the most warmly welcoming and friendly nation. Don’t believe me? Google it, I bet you will not find a single foreigner complaining about their inhospitality. They are the most hospitable nations. Visit Drew Binsky, Ford Ranger or any other YouTuber. They are polite, humble, ever-smiling, loving, compassionate and fun-loving people yet misrepresented and misreported and unexplored nations.


          Urdu and English are the official languages of Pakistan. Every Pakistani whether educated or not speaks or understands English to some extent.

There are thousands of common words in Urdu and English, and they are even pronounced the same way. Here are some examples: mobile-charger, car, gas, electricity, phone, hotel, road, ice cream, samosa, pakora, chutney, roti, kameez, restaurant, bottle, soda, Pepsi, Coke, laptop, glasses. Just utter these words and use hand gestures the rest, the locals will understand you.

Fifty percent of the locals are educated, so they will entirely understand you and will answer your questions with little English, some gestures and a big smile.


          Every type of halal food is available in Pakistan because of being a Muslim country. Continental foods, Chinese, French, Italian, fast-food, international food chains are also available in main cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisal Abad, Multan, Bahawalpur. If you are in Pakistan please try some local food as well. Naan Chana, Samosa, Pakora, Paaye, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Tikka, Kebab, Lassi, Biryani, and Saag.

          Pakistanis are a food-loving people. There are more restaurants and street food vendors than anything else in the country. Their foods are palatable and delicious.


          Pakistan is home to many ancient civilizations (Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Indus Civilization Valley, Gandhara Civilization), religions (Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism), archeological sites, natural sceneries, mountains, deserts, and beaches.

          Pakistan is working to open religious tourism in the country. Kartarpur (last resting place of Baba Guru Nanak Ji) is the example here.

          Buddhist history is not complete without Pakistani geography. Pakistan holds and proudly preserves the remnants of the Kushan Empire, the Ashoka Empire, and the Pala Empire.

          Takht E Bahi, (Takht Bhai) a UNESCO heritage site near Peshawar.

          Texila, Dharma Rajika Stupa is here built during 600AD to 500 AD.

          Mingora has many major stupas for Buddhists dating back to thousands of years.

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Swat also has tens of Stupas and remains of ancient Buddhist kingdoms.

The last question is, is Pakistan worth visiting? worth exploring? worth spending time? The answer is yes if you live in the real world. you should visit Pakistan, see its people and enhance your life experiences.