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An array of numbers is called the form of rows and columns. The matrices do not have any numerical value unlike determinants. Vectors represented by row or column matrices. A set of simultaneous algebraic equations can be solved more conveniently with the help of matrices. Cayley developed the algebra of matrices.
A matrix with m rows and n columns (m does not is equal to n) is called the rectangular matrix of order mxn and a matrix with number numbers rows equal to the number of columns (m is equal to n) is a called square matrix of order n*n. Zeros matrix is one in which all the elements are zero. A matrix may be denoted by a capital letter like is A=(a_ij), where aij is its element in the ith column. A squares matrix A will be called a diagonal matrix if a_ij=0 for i isn’t equal to j and a_ij=1= KA in which C_ij= Ka_ij Two matrices of the same order can be added by adding the corresponding element. Multiplication of a matrix by a scalar is given by C=kA in which C_ij for all i.j, Matrices A and B can be multiplied to form the product AB if the number of columns in A is the same number of rows in B. If A=(a_ij)txm, B=(b_ij) mxp. Then C=(C_ij) lxp, AB

where C_ij is equal to the summation of k=1 to m of (a_ik) (b_ki) for i=1,2โ€ฆโ€ฆ.. l

and j = 1,2,.., P.
The matrix multiplication is not commutative.