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How to write application to Coursera for financial Aids

  1. Sign up and then log in to Coursera
  2. Select your desired course
  3. Find ‘ financial aid available ‘ option on the right below of the desired selected course.
  4. There you will see the following form and fill it out accordingly.

5. Once you have filled this section then click the continue button, here you will be directed to next form where you will have to fill the full form with background information and two statements that why you are availing financial aid and what you will do if you are provided financial aid. see image.


6. Answer a few questions and fill out two statements as in my case I’ve filled out below in statements 1 and 2.

Statement for question no 1

I’m an apprentice of MS bioinformatics from the virtual university of Pakistan, finance by GOVT of Pakistan.Β  I’m very attentive to do this course because this course provides me novel insight to get my carrier as like gene expression analysis, RNA sequence analysis, designing and maintaining statistical data in the same way R is a programming language that is widely used for statistics and graphics. It is also starting to become very popular in the biology world due to the Bioconductor project (http://www.bioconductor.org) that provides tools based on R for the analysis of biological data, but as a student, I can’t pay the fee because yet I have not any earning source on the other hand my family is large or my father has died so it is not possible for me to pay a fee, if you provide me this opportunity to learn R language I shall be very thankful to all Coursera teamΒ 

Statement for question no 2

I’m a student of Master of Science in bioinformatics from the virtual university of Pakistan, this field of Bioinformatics has emerged with a merger of biological science and computer science to help in storing, visualizing and interpreting the biological data and my course content and degree is highly matched this course but lack of resources and non-availability expert person I am unable to learn R language for applying on biological data-sets because R is generally used by Data Scientists, Analysts, and programmers. By using R we can create objects, functions, and packages. R language is a platform-independent so we can use it on any operating system. The possible career paths are: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – For pursuing this career path, one has to learn a higher-level programming language too. Knowing Matlab/GNU Octave would also come real handy, so this platform is very suitable for me and my career. If you provide me finical aid for this course ill also explore knowledge around us.Β