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What is Locust:

Locust is a kind of an insect which can fly and it is like grasshopper which can fly and it flies in swarms and its swarm can spread in miles and may damage vegetation.

Locust Swarm:

Locust swarm Β is a large gathering of locust flying in a numerous number and can spread up to 12 kilometer squares of an area. Where ever this swarm of locust lands it may damage all vegetation on land.

Locust in Pakistan:

Locust via Iran entered in Baluchistan Pakistan. From Baluchistan it entered in Sindh.Β  In both the areas of Pakistan Locust damaged crops, especially in Sindh cotton crop was damaged during the mid of year 2019. After these damages in both of the provinces locust entered in Punjab Province via Rahim yar Khan and it has now spread all over the southern Punjab and damaging the crop of wheat now. Government have not yet taken any specific measures to tackle the locust swarm which has spread almost all over the country. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of UNO says that Department of Plant Protection (DPP) is responsible to control locust attack but they have no resources and they are looking towards Pakistan army to provide them plans or helicopters so that insecticides could be sprayed in most affected areas. DPP told that they already have lost two pilots in operation against locust and now only Pakistan army can help tackle this issue as usual as they have been tackling all major issue like earth quack, flood, elections etc.

For formers I’d suggest they report every moment and loss to DPP and I’m providing their contacts here as they have no other online presence.

Department of Plant Protection contacts:

Azam Ali Khan

Department of Plant protection DPP

Office Phone: +92 21 99248668

Cell Number: +92 3023818366

Email: [email protected]

Damages caused by locust swarm:

Locust is basically grasshopper and it eats vegetation and where ever locust swarm lands it clears lands of vegetation there. For further details watch Β the video.

Use of Locust:Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Locust can be eaten

According to Islam locust is Halal and it can be eaten. Arabians eat locust after frying it. When locust attacked Thar Sindh Pakistan people caught them and after frying them they ate it. There are two benefits of eating locust first it’s rich in protein and other frying locust in wide and open area, with smoke locust attack can be deferred.

Locust in Quran:

Locust is mentioned in Quran and it’s not new and it has ruined the cities in history. Quran says


”So we sent upon them our signs (as trials) the flood, locust, lice, frogs and blood but they were arrogant and were betrayed people”

Allah shows clear signs in above verse that He sent many signs of torment to people of which one is locust. Locust swarm eats lands of vegetation or crops. But people don’t understand signs of torment and are betrayed. Allah says every good thing is from Me and every bad thing is result of human mistakes (sins). So we should submit to Allah’s will and seek his forgiveness and refuge if we face any problem.

In another verse locust is mentioned:


”Their eyes will be humbled and they will rise from graves ( on day of judgment) as like locusts spread ( like locust swarm spreads )”

How to control Locust Swarm:

1: Use of Noise

2: Use of Smoke

3:Use of insecticides

We may avoid a locust swarm to sit on land or even disperse locusts by making high volume noise which may disturb them. There is another way which is not yet invented or discovered is that every living thing have a capacity of certain level to hear voice volume or DBI or some voices which seem disturbing and cause irritation. Like human ears can listen up to 20 to 20k Hertz but above than that we are irritated and look for a peaceful place. Same devices have been invented for rates; above a certain frequency or volume rates don’t live there where such devices are working.

Smoke also causes locust to flee away from a specific area.

The widely used method to kill locust is use of insecticide. Governments even use the insecticides and spray it on crops through drones or planes so that locusts could be killed.