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Coronavirus have become the global threat and every country is trying to find a way to cure it.Thailand have announced that it has treated Coronavirus with a drug Cocktail. Doctors in Thailand claimed that they have successfully treated a corornavirus patient.

Two doctors from Rjavithi Hospital in Bankok said that improvements were seen in a 71 years old women who was infected with coronavirus. The doctors announced during a press briefing that the positive lab result on the coronavirus turned negative in just 48 hours after doctors administered the combinatation of medication.

The treatment faced poor lab test results for 10 days. The test was successful after 48 hours of administering the mediations. The treatment and recovery were fast too. The doctors said that the patient was exhausted before taking the treatment but 12 hours after admininstering the medication, she could sit in bed.

The doctors combined the anti flue drug oseltamivir which was used to treat the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) with lopinavir and ritonavir which are antiviral drugs used to treat HIV. The health ministry is awaiting research results to prove the findings. Doctors acknowledged that the Chinese had already been using AIDS medications on noval coronavirus patients. They note they had reported the discovery to a medical journal. They also said that they would use the drug combination on additional patients.

The new virus claimed its first life outside China. A 44 years old Chinese man died in the Philippines. The death toll in China has soared above 360. The number of confirmed cases is now above 17000. Thailand so far has confirmed 19 cases of noval coronavirus. Eight patients in Thailand have recovered and returned home while 11 remain in hospital. The bulk of confirmed cases have been Chinese citizens visiting Thailand. Thailand also recorded last week its first human to human transmission. A Thai taxi driver carried virus with intact to tourists.

 ( Science nature page)

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