How to Edit PDF files on your Computer Using Software and Online

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The PDF document type is used for e-booksmagazines, and business presentations with a large number of graphics and styles. The formatting and printing of such files preserve the structure of the text, which has made this format the most popular choice. However, editing PDF files is much more difficult than regular text documents. We will tell you how to edit a PDF file in several ways at once.

How to edit PDF using special programs:

Adobe Reader

Most often, special computer software is used to change the PDF file. For basic editing, you can use Adobe Reader, where you can add text, images, and an electronic signature. More advanced steps will require purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro. It offers a wider range of tools and even recognizes text from scans.

Foxit Reader

You can also edit documents for free in the Foxit Reader. In it, files can be signed, annotated, and encrypted. You can also add text (including from the clipboard with preservation of style) and stamps to the layout.

It should be borne in mind that in most cases free options impose restrictions, for example, a watermark. In general, almost all products have a free period, so if you need to do a one-time action, you can use the demo version of the premium product. 

Using Online Services how to change the text in PDF documents:

If you need to add small edits, you can do without a special program. Their advantage is a simple operation, so even a beginner can figure out how to edit a PDF file.

PDF 24

One of the most popular sites for editing electronic documents is PDF24. The list of features of this free service is impressive: files can be compressed, converted, extracted images, merged or paginated, and much more.

Editing PDF files on this site comes down to adding text and graphic elements. To remove some phrases or correct grammatical errors, you will first need to run the PDF through OCR (text recognition). In addition, the editor allows you to edit only one-page documents.


If you want to know how to change a PDF file with multiple sheets, the ILovePDF site is an alternative. The service is aimed at converting PDF to another format and creating a digital book from scanned files, Word, Excel, and others. The site also has a PDF editor, thanks to which you can add pictures, text, and geometric shapes to the document. Unlike PDF24, the service showed fast work with multi-page books, but there is no text recognition function here.

It is worth noting that, unlike PC programs, these services are a package of separate tools. This means that you can perform one action at a time. Then you need to download the document and re-upload it to the server, which significantly slows down the workflow.

Modifying PDF via text editors:

As already mentioned, to change the content in the online documentation, you will need to recognize the text or convert the file to Word. But if you work with standard PDFs, and not scanned papers, the document can be processed on a computer in Microsoft Word itself.

This feature has been added to the office suite starting in the 2013 version. The program opens and recognizes files created in any PDF editor. So there will be no questions about how to correct the text in PDF: just select the necessary fragments and edit like a regular document. The result can be saved as PDF, DOC, RTF, or text files.

However, MS Word is still primarily a text editor, so it often displays the structure incorrectly. For example, the software does not know how to work with built-in fonts, tables and graphs that may not display correctly, formatting of headers gets confused.

Libre Office

If this doesn’t bother you, but you don’t feel like buying expensive Word, Libre Office is a free alternative. The application repeats almost all the functions of a paid competitor, in the project you can delete elements, write new text and insert shapes. There is even a dedicated PDF export mode.

So, we looked at how to edit pdfs and whether it is possible to do this without the help of special programs. In general, you can use free online services or open PDFs in text editors to make small adjustments. 

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