Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan met Mahathir Bin Mohamad PM of Malaysia and Recep Tayyip Erdogan President of Turkey in the sidelines of UN general assembly. These three Islamic leaders agreed that OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is not capable enough to solve the problems of Muslim countries. So, there should be another organization that should be more powerful, more impactful and capable.

            It was PM Khan’s idea on which President Erdogan and PM Mahathir agreed upon. Pakistan was all ready to join the summit when MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman) invited PM Khan to Saudi Arabia. MBS put all his concerns in front of Khan that if Iran and Qatar are joining this summit, then Saudi Arabia is not. Further, he asked that why Pakistan wants to create a parallel organization when there is already OIC. He further said that Pakistan should seriously think of promoting and making more powerful the OIC.

            Why did all this happen? Did all of it happen over the night? Let us see…

It all happened due to the mismanagement of the Pakistani Govt. Pakistani embassy should have worked with UAE and KSA. Islamabad should have taken into confidence the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad regarding the summit.

            There was misleading news circulating in all Urdu and English Newspapers in Pakistan that Islamabad has rendered OIC null and void. Now Pakistan sees towards making new Muslim alliances and organizations.


            Khan called Mahathir from Geneva and told the Malaysian PM that for the time being Pakistan cannot join the summit. Khan further added that he wants to see the Ummah united in all fronts by all means. He said that he was in Saudi Arabia and that he did not go there to seek the permission of Saudis for joining the summit, rather he wanted the Saudis to know that there is nothing against the brotherly country.

Khan assured Mahathir that he will definitely join the summit and will possibly hold the summit in Pakistan. Later FM Qureshi confirmed all this holding a press briefing in Islamabad.

            Khan said that he will try his best to take UAE and Saudi Arabia on board.


            Pakistan has very good relations with China. Because of China, now Pakistan is developing its relations with Russia.

            Russia’s tug of war with the USA is not something unknown to the world. Both have fought each other in every way possible. Then there is Iran. Pakistan also has good relations with it too. China is an emerging opponent to the USA strategically, economically and technologically.

            Qatar has been a bone of contention among many Arab countries. Saudi Arabia has tried its level best to oust Qatar from the Arab League. Pakistan also has very good relations with Qatar as well. Then there is the USA. Pakistan has enjoyed decades of good relations with it as well and with the help of the USA, Pakistan had defeated USSR in the Afghan war in the past and made the USA a sole superpower in the world. Prior to that, the world was bipolar, Pakistan helped the USA to gain supremacy and made the world unipolar.

            Pakistan is divided into so many friends and allies that it seems difficult for it to take any big leap for the time being. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE are helping Pakistan to gain power in Asia by investing in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia has its own invested interests in Pakistan and does not want to see it leaning towards Iran.

            Saudi Arabia and UAE have differences with Malaysia as well. It also has differences with Turkey because of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder on Turkish soil.

            Pakistan and India are long-time die-hard enemies. The USA is friends with India and there is a widespread notion in the region that the USA wants to see India as its die-hard ally and die-hard opponent to China and Pakistan.


`           Pakistan has been entangled in its friends and allies. There are brotherly Muslim countries, best buddies like China and new friends in a company like Russa.

            Then there’s a long-time friend the USA with whom, Pakistan has reservations and grievances due to innumerable reasons. Whom, Pakistan considers, treats Pakistan in a taunting manner and not as a friend.

            There is a possibility that Iran will trust Pakistan regarding Saudi Arabia. There is an even greater possibility that Saudi Arabia will trust Pakistan regarding Iran. Why? Because both believe that Pakistan will never ever dodge the one on the cost of another. Because Pakistan and its people want to see the Muslim Ummah united and the people of Pakistan will never want to see the two brother Muslim countries fighting for petty and personal reasons.

            Sooner or later all the Muslim countries will unite. Islam, shared values, shared culture of saying slam, Namaz, Quran, Baitullah and belief in the same prophet will unite them.


            Kuala Lumpur Summit is just an initiation. Pakistan might be the only country in the world that understands Islam its values and people. Has strong relations with China, Iran, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Russia. Everyone has confidence in Pakistan.

            This summit is inevitable to the Muslim Ummah. Sooner or later every single Muslim country will join it. The USA is busy with China. Russia wants to reach hot waters and regain its former status. Saudi Arabia will have to rely on other sources besides petroleum. Iran has the world’s fourth-largest oil reserves. The country has not seen the fruits of its real potential. Once the Middle East has peace with Iran. The West will plunge in the Middle East like scavengers.

            This Summit seems to be the only solution for all predicaments of the Ummah for the time being. It will unite the Ummah and will forge prosperity among the long-time foes.

But there is a big question.

Is it possible? Yes…! Is it easy? No…!

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