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Low cost no cost project suggestions for teaching in Pakistan

Here are some suggestions with pictures that can be fallowed very easily to gain maximum advantages from children in school

  1. Make a Map On聽 Paper聽differentiate via using different colors

2. Make a Plastic Packet for seed Collection

3. Draw Umbrella and put some common things

4. Draw the structure of Acid Rain view with different colors


5. Make a Chart of Pakistan

6. Make a Watches to show time table

7. Tag Some important points with separate papers

8. Draw diagram with woody needles

9. Make Light Reflation or Way of light passing in straight way

10. Make a light phenomena and House Environment

11. Make digestive System of Man using tags of written Papers

12. Make Inter Structure of Eye using color Scheme

13. Make Water Cycle

14 Make Some Design for clarification of Color Concepts

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