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GCUF BS Chemistry semester 1 Fundamental Organic Chemistry Book free download

Basic concepts in chemical bonding

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 Localised and delocalised bonding. Concept of hybridisation leading to bond angles, bond energies and geometry of simple organic molecules; dipole moment; inductive effect; resonance, resonance energy, rules of resonance, resonance effect, steric inhibition of resonance; hyperconjugation; tautomerism; hydrogen bonding. Nomenclature of organic compounds Common and trivial name of organic compounds; and introduction to the systematic nomenclature of mono and bi-functional organic compounds by IUPAC rules. 

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

 Aromatic Compounds Structure of benzene, aromaticity, electrophilic substitution including orientation and reactivity, addition and oxidation reactions, preparation and reactivity of naphthalene. 


 Geometrical isomerism Determination of configuration of geometrical isomers, Z, E convention and cis- and trans- isomerism in a compound containing two double bonds; Optical isomerismOptical activity, chirality and optical activity, racemisation and resolution of the racemic mixture, R, S notation, diastereomers. Conformational isomerism A brief introduction to the conformation of ethane, n-butane and cyclohexane. 

Chemistry of the Hydroxyl Group and Ethers

 Brief review of the physical properties, preparation and reactions of alcohols. Phenols acidity, preparation and reactions, Ethers preparation, properties and reactions. 

Chemistry of Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives

 Physical properties of carboxylic acids, effect of substitution and structure on the strengths of acidity of carboxylic acids. Preparation, properties, and reactions of carboxylic acids and their derivatives i.e. ester, amides, acid halides, and acid anhydrides. 

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