Department of Education in Pakistan to Promote International Business and Management

Department of Education

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The Department of Education in Pakistan (DEO) is the government department that manages the education policy for the country. Dr. Zia ul Haq is the general secretary of DEO and is very popular among the PPP. He has been a top educator and served as the education minister of Punjab. This is his first assignment as education minister of Pakistan.

Dr. Zia ul Haq has won many international accreditations, which makes him more knowledgeable about the teaching profession. He has been a member of International Federation of Teachers (IFET) and Pakistan Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and Research (PCATRE). As a member of sindh educational foundation, he will be able to impart quality education to his students residing in different parts of the country.

Currently, Dr. Zia ul Haq is busy with the process of making an infrastructure of new teaching institutions in Pakistan and he has also started making the textbooks of that day approved by an international agency of publishing known as “World Book Prize”. In this regard, Dr. Zia ul Haq has the support of the education department of PPP. In fact, Dr. Zia has written a book in collaboration of Dr. Ghulam Murtaza of University of Glasgow Scotland. The book has been published under the title of ‘Teacher Education in Pakistan’. This book discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the teaching professionals and student population of Pakistan.

On the other hand, Dr. Sherry Azhar from Hyderabad University has written a book on ‘Sindh University Management Practices’. She has also participated in Unesco’s World Service Day. Now both these eminent personalities represent Pakistan in UNESCO. If Dr. Sherry Azhar is closely associated with Unesco; she must be a close associate of Dr. Zia ul Haq from Karachi University. It is due to this association that Dr. Azhar is also a member Pakistan delegation.

In addition to her participation in Unesco, Dr. Sherry Azhar is closely associated with Sir Syed Muhammad Zakir Hussain from Quaid-i-Azam university. He is a renowned scholar, polytechnic, educator, and founder of the Ahmediyein college in Karachi. Dr. Hussain has also contributed his professional life to develop computer application for the development of medical aids and other applications for improved health and nutrition. He is a prolific writer, teacher, and academician having many books to his credit. Dr. Sherry Azhar and Dr. Zakir Hussain have always worked in close collaboration for the betterment of karate and its students throughout Pakistan and abroad.

The main college at Quaid-i-Khyber is named after Dr. Sherry Azhar, who is the daughter of the first President of Pakistan, Mr. XI. The other colleges and universities of Quaid-i-Khyber are named after various personalities of the Qutub Shahid dynasty. Some of the most noteworthy personalities of the Qutub Shahid era are: Fazal Khan, Mumtaz Mahdi, Chishti Sammi, Mina Rawat, and Mir Abdul Baqi Shahid. These colleges and universities have earned international reputation and renowned status. The main aim of developing these institutions was to introduce an Islamic education curriculum to establish Islamic learning for all. The result of the efforts has been an influx of skilled professionals into the country, who are well equipped to contribute to the growth of Pakistan.

A decade or so back, there was no university in Pakistan with a department of Islamic studies. But now the scenario has completely changed. Various colleges and universities in Pakistan are offering different types of Islamic studies, which have brought about a complete revolution in the education system. Now the students of different Islamic degree courses can be found all around the country. Some of the famous names in this stream include: Mohmudzeb Khan al-Azam, Hayat Masum Al-Rabu, Muhammad Zakir Hussain, Shamsi Zaman Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Chishti, Safa ur Rehman, Aziz Hanif Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Zakir, Aziz Uldhum Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Shahid, Aziz Nizamah Chishti, Ahmed Tahir Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Al-Hussainy, Azhar Karim Chishti, Aminat Chishti, and Shah Wali ullah Al-Sistani.

There is another international university in Pakistan, known as the Graduate School of Business and International Studies (GSBSI). This university offers programs and courses in International Business, Management, International Organizations, International Trade, and Political Economy. There are various postgraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, which are offered by this university. A number of prominent personalities from all over the world have graduated from this institution, which has become an eminent center for higher education in Pakistan and is considered as a great educational hub for all those who are passionate about improving their education and enriching their career.

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